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Application for Financial Support:


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  1. Required, contact information, a brief description of the organization, and the mission/purpose of the organization. Describe the purpose of the request and supply a specified list, for example, purchase of Computer, hospital bed, boiler, food, or a specified service in support of the organization.

         We are unable to support general requests for aid.

  2. Required, a detailed description of the objects or contracted service supported by pro-forma invoices/quotes from supplier(s)

  3. Upon receipt of the grant the receiving organization must send a confirmation of receipt of funds along with final official invoices and where possible pictures to the United Hungarian Fund.


Applications for financial support may be sent by email:

Or mail:

United Hungarian Fund

946 Lawrence Ave East

PO Box 47613  RPO Don Mills

Toronto Ontario Canada  M3C 3S7

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Linguistic & Cultural Heritage

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Supporting Schools & Seniors

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